Always check your texts!

Got to help out with storyboards for this fun short by Brent Noll!


Its finally done guys!  heres my animated short “You down for SEX?” I made this film in my free time over a period of about 10 months.  I made th backgrounds in photoshop, animated it in TV Paint,  and composited in After Effects.

If you enjoyed watching it. please give me an upvote on reddit.  I could really use your clicks,  otherwise its just gonna get drowned out by all the noise of “SJW’s getting owned” videos



Hey guys! PATHFINDER 2 IS HERE!😁 Please enjoy this short game I worked on for an indie game competition. I was the artist/3d modeler/environment guy in a team of 3 people, and we created this puzzle game in less than a month. If you want to play it you can get it here:

Also please be aware that the game is already being pirated. so please make sure your copy is legit and you download it from a reputable source. The internet is weird i know. 🚓

I made a papercraft version of the cute Pathfinder Rover from this game! 

Click the link to download the FREE game and the papercraft pattern:

Some storyboards I got to do for the new Smurfs: The Lost Village marketing! Both voices by the ultra talented Melissa Sturm! 

You can see the finished video with Demi Lovato below!