Cassini dropped of a little passenger onto Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, for us. Thanks for all the pics, Huygens!

Farewell, Cassini! You were almost old enough to drink…

Also, thank you for revealing the hexagonal jetstream on the northern pole of Saturn. That is still making my mind explode.

My piece for the High Altitude Art Auction that I’m hosting this weekend! A snow leopard takes a reading break on her tuk tuk. 

Auction is benefitting education projects in Nepal through THISWORLDEXISTS with whom I’ll be traveling with next year to volunteer.

Check out my piece and all the other amazing artwork donated to the auction here! Online bids will be taken until 5:30 pm PST August 19, 2017


Hey guys! PATHFINDER 2 IS HERE!😁 Please enjoy this short game I worked on for an indie game competition. I was the artist/3d modeler/environment guy in a team of 3 people, and we created this puzzle game in less than a month. If you want to play it you can get it here:

Also please be aware that the game is already being pirated. so please make sure your copy is legit and you download it from a reputable source. The internet is weird i know. 🚓

I made a papercraft version of the cute Pathfinder Rover from this game! 

Click the link to download the FREE game and the papercraft pattern:

Commander! Which is one of the coolest name for a cat I’ve come across.

Commission piece I did for a good friend’s family who’s cat passed away. <3

Some storyboards I got to do for the new Smurfs: The Lost Village marketing! Both voices by the ultra talented Melissa Sturm! 

You can see the finished video with Demi Lovato below!