Drew some sweet bunnies at Bunny Luv Rabbit Resource Center ! The cuteness was on overload. A volunteer was telling me how much he hates Easter because of how many bunnies get left on their doorstep after the holiday. People often give rabbits as presents on Easter or use them …

Always check your texts!

Got to help out with storyboards for this fun short by Brent Noll!


Its finally done guys!  heres my animated short “You down for SEX?” I made this film in my free time over a period of about 10 months.  I made th backgrounds in photoshop, animated it in TV Paint,  and composited in After Effects.

If you enjoyed watching it. please give me an upvote on reddit.  I could really use your clicks,  otherwise its just gonna get drowned out by all the noise of “SJW’s getting owned” videos